Welcome To S.S.Infotech

S.S.Infotech has been established with a viewpoint of providing business solutions in the area of IT services and ITES. With time and its expansion we are reaching to the hilt of technology to serve your needs. The core of Infotech lies its philosophy of Excellence, efficiency and economy. An insatiable quest towards latest Technology and under able Leaderships and Technicians we are here to provide the best service in this industry.

Our Expert Team



Subha Ranjan Saha

Project Manager

Rema Patra

Software Developer

Tarak Nath Nandi

Software Developer

Mousumi Paul

Web Designer

Anu Singh



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Collaborative Strategy & Planning

Learn-> Un Learn->Learn

Lean states is the first step is defining value from the customer’s perspective and express that value in terms of a specific product or service. We start with a discovery and assessment of your systems Once the value is specified, all current processes that bring a product or service to the customer, are decomposed into smaller steps which are then mapped as value-added and non-value-added activities.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Plan->Brain Storm->Re-Plan

The value stream and establishments is a continuous flow of products, services and information, end to end throughout the products and service’s value stream. We take the Current and Future value streams and configure our products and services to deliver the results.

Security & Documentations

Built-in security

The prime most important component of all our software solution is security. We believe in “built-in” security rather than “added-on” security. From the very first assessment meeting, we do our discovery sessions with security in mind.

Integrated documentation

With all our solutions we provide integrated documentation. We believe that good documentation leads to good controls and reduces waste in operations. All our software is developed with integrated software architecture document so your IT can further integrate

Concepts, Mock ups, Wireframes

While developing, we build “feedback loops” into all our solutions. These feedback loops give us the data we need to provide continuous improvements as the solutions are being used.

Monitor & Control


Proactive support

We use tools to continuously monitor all our applications. These send automatic tickets to our helpdesk so that issues are fixed before they surface to end users.

Quality assurance as opposed to quality control

We develop with quality “built in” to all our solutions. This ensures near error-free applications. For example, test-driven development and extreme programming allows our development teams to manage quality in the most effective manner.